Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amazing Maps

We are learning to create and use simple maps to show position and direction. Maps and plans are an important part of everday life. Yesterday we read the story Hansel and Gretel. We discussed where Hansel and Gretel went, which direction they went, where they started and finished and the objects/obstacles that they met along the way. We then discussed designing the a map to show Hansel and Gretel's journey. We talked about what a map needed and the importance of creating a title for our map and a key to show what the different features represented on the map. The children then created a draft of their maps on some paper and transferred their ideas onto Kidpix. They made some FANTASTIC maps!! Ka pai!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Butterfly Shade House Keynote presentation

This is the keynote presentation we presented to our Principal to get permission to build a butterfly shadehouse in our garden outside Room 16. Please take a look...

What is a Sari?

We are learning about different countries in our class this term. The Clown Fish reading group are reading a School Journal article called Wearing a Sari by Asha Patel. We have learnt that saris comes from India. It is a long piece of colourful silk or cotton that women and girls wear. If you are wondering what goes under it, it is a petticoat. SR bought in a Sari from home to show everyone. We lay it on the ground and it looked really, really long. LS wanted to try on the sari so SR showed us how to put it on. And here she is!! Doesn't she look beautiful!