Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fireworks Acrostic Poems

We have been learning to write an interesting acrostic poem. We talked about using interesting adjectives and action verbs. We also wanted to use some language features like similies, personifcation, alliteration and onamatopeioa. Here are some of the poems we wrote:

Fireworks acrostic poem

Flaming fireworks, flashing sparks exploding way up high,
Invisible fairies aiming their bombs for the ground then disappearing into the dark and gloomy night.
Roaring rockets breaking into thousands of tiny glittering pieces.
Enormous explosions everywhere I look.
Wishing I could fly with the fireworks but it didn’t work.
Over the tree tops many colous jumping away.
Red, orange, yellow and lots of other colours all shoot up at different times.
KAPOW, kaboom, Crash, bang, boom. Flying sparks everywhere all making a lot of noise.
So much noise makes me scream! That’s the best night I’ve ever seen!

Fireworks acrostic poem

Flickering fantastic fireworks crackle in the dark.
Interesting smoky fireworks look like lollies coiming out of a colossal colourful pinata.
Rapid rockets zoom into the night time, rumbling like thunder.
Exciting laser guns blasting into the dark night sky.
Woosh! A meteor shooting down at Earth like an enormous fireball.
Out of this world planets shooting down like crazy!
Red waves that are spatting in the dark.
Kapow go shining cascades of fire.
Streamers waving all around.

Fireworks acrostic poem

Fireworks bursting, CRASH, BANG, BOOM
In the cold sky fireworks get life, WOW!
Racing to the world, fireworks like meteors coming down to Earth.
Earth shakes, watch out, BOOM exploding fireworks.
Working people making fireworks.
Opening the fireworks, they look COOL!
Real crackers on Guy Fawkes night.
Kaboom, fireworks rush up.
Shooting fireworks look like buring fire.

Fireworks acrostic poem

Fireworks blowing up in the sky like bombs of glitter.
In the dark, a colourful sky starts to begin.
Rockets blowing up as giant as an elephant.
Eating dessert while the fireworks burst in front of you.
Wow! Sparkling colourful, beautiful lights burst over each other making different colours.
Over us the fireworks burst so fast and high, a rocket can't race it.
Rainbow fireworks shining in the dark sky.
Kabam! They fly as high as a kite in the sky.
Sparkly sparks in the colourful sky.


Anonymous said...

Hey Room 16 I love your very creative firework poems.....

Anonymous said...

cool poems room 16

Belinda said...

I really enjoyed reading these poems as there are so many interesting words that really help me get a picture in my head. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work Room 16. Ms J