Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marvellous Mobi!

We have been really lucky to have an interactive tablet called Mobi in our classroom for the last two weeks. It took us a day or two to get used to working Mobi and using the pen but we are all getting really good at working it now!! We have used Mobi to see who is here every morning, practise our handwriting, help us solve maths problems, learn new things (like what the 7 continents and 4 main oceans are), help with writing and lots more. Listen to our vocaroos about what we like best about Mobi!


Mrs A's Class said...

Wow you guys are lucky to have a Mobi tablet in your class. Wonder if you could tell me how is it different from a Smart Board as I have no idea what a Mobi is. Do you think the Year 1's would like to use it? You guys do some creative work using ICT tools and equipment. I'm sure it keeps you motivated to learn. Have fun!

Room 16 said...

Hi Mrs A, a mobi is different to a Smart board because we hold the tablet instead of writing on the screen. We think it is better because we can use different stuff on mobi and we can use the tablet anywhere in our classroom.

We think Year 1's would love Mobi and it would be good to help them recognise the alphabet and numbers.

Bye, from Room 16

Paris said...

Hi Room 16, I like mobi he is great!!!
From PS

Belinda said...

I was very interested to read about and listen to all the different ways you have been learning using the Mobi these last couple of weeks. I'm so sorry that the owners of the Mobi had to take it back today but I'm hoping we might be able to buy some of our own for 2011. Do you have any ideas to help me figure out a way for to be able to do that? Where could I get some money? Who could I ask for help? Why should we spend our money on a Mobi and not something else like books? Thanks for your help with this! Ms J